We will participate in the Chancay Megaport Project, gateway to trade between South America and Asia

Peru will become the first Pacific Logistics Center in Latin America and Famesa will be part of this important event.
One more step towards progress for all. We are proud to announce our participation in the construction of the Chancay megaport, one of the main trade routes between South America and Asia.

Being part of this colossal project has been possible thanks to our commitment to create products that meet the highest quality standards. In addition to leading the market with a broad portfolio specially designed for the complex conditions of our mining industry, in construction and civil works we are leaders in rock fragmentation. That is why we have been chosen for emblematic works such as the Chancay Megaport. There, thanks to Fametronic XPRO’s electronic technology, we were able to operate and coexist with the surrounding communities.
This allows us to continue contributing to the country’s progress, boosting exports and new commercial opportunities for all of Latin America.