Open Pit Mining

Our comprehensive blasting service covers the entire process to ensure safe and efficient operations.
We manufacture explosives in our own plants and accompany our customers at every stage. We perform the transfer of our products, the supply and management of powder magazines, the mechanized loading of drills and the execution of non-electrical and electronic blasting. Each of these activities are developed with advanced resources and technology, managed by our professionals to achieve operational excellence and thus increase productivity and generate tangible savings in our clients’ operations.
  • We are a world class company with standards and procedures to guarantee the safety of people, environment and the whole process.
  • Our Integral Blasting Service is provided by a team of highly qualified and experienced mining engineers, technicians and operators.
  • We have highly reliable mixer trucks and the best mixing system in the market, to guarantee an optimal performance of the explosive placed in the drill hole.
  • We ensure quality control of our products and post-blasting results with state-of-the-art instrumentation equipment.
  • We create sustainable relationships over time with strategic partners through the generation of value in their operations.

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