Participating in a new edition of Bolivia Mining 2023

From August 18 to 20, we participated in Bolivia Mining 2023. At the event, held in the city of Potosí, we had the opportunity to meet again with our customers.
The third edition of the international mining fair Bolivia Mining was held at the Cantumarca fairgrounds in the city of Potosí. This mining fair, which has been held since 2011, has become the most important event in the Bolivian industry. Its four editions in Oruro, six in La Paz and two in Potosí are tangible proof of the contribution made by this event to the entire business universe of the country.

The exhibitors, key figures worldwide for the development of the mining industry, offer the latest innovations and technologies in their complete portfolios. In this new edition we presented our complete range of products and services, and we were also able to answer our customers’ doubts and questions.