Famesa will implement new cartridge production lines.

The objective of the new infrastructure will be to increase daily cartridge production capacity by 38%, which has an approved environmental management plan update.

As detailed in its Technical Sustainability Report (ITS), the company will allocate S/. 2,400,000 for the start-up of the project and it will have a useful life of 30 years. Currently, the amount of cartridge products generated per shift is 25,000 kg, which will increase to 28,500 kg at the end of the project.

The construction and installation of the infrastructure will consist of leveling the platforms, construction of slabs, pedestrian access ramp and unloading platform. Then, the electromechanical assembly, construction and installation of the infrastructure that will house the industrial process and the metallic structures will begin. Finally, the installation of the equipment involved in the processes will be carried out, as well as sanitary, mechanical and electrical installations.